Paras 10 – P Company multi-terrain running race

The second Parachute Regiment public run is taking place on Sunday 13th September 2009, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. This is the second year the event has been open to the public, and is part of the training for the Parachute Regiment selection course.

Options as follows:
10miles - Running with trainers
10miles - Running with a 35lb/15kg bergen and boots
10miles - Running with a 35lb/15kg bergen and boots (as a team of 4 with bergens)

The bergen + boots option is what makes up part of the selection run, and the cut off time if you were doing it officially would be 1:50, for anyone taking part on the public run, the cut off is 3hours (or roughly 18mins/mile).

Team of four anyone? give me a shout!

Snippet from last year:

Runners in the North East of England are being urged to test themselves in one of the toughest endurance races run by the world famous Parachute Regiment. The Parachute Regiment's, ten mile (16km) 'P' Company selection course run produces some of the fittest and most resilient soldiers in the British Army. The extreme endurance race will take place in Catterick on Sunday 14 September 2008 and is not for the faint-hearted. It is the first time that "The Paras' 10" has been opened up to anyone outside of The Parachute Regiment.

Runners can compete in trainers or for those seeking an even tougher challenge, army style boots. They can carry a 35lb (16kg) bergen in either the 'P' Company challenge (individual) or the P Company Team Challenge (teams of four). The race course is a multi-terrain route over Catterick military training area - rolling countryside which is not normally open to the public. Proceeds from the race will be split between the Help for Heroes fund and the Airborne Forces Charity ..via [MOD Blog]

Official Training schedules attached:
8 weeks Running training plan
10 weeks P Company bergen run training plan

Official site here: Paras10

5 Comments to “Paras 10 – P Company multi-terrain running race”

  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like fun

  2. Jez B says:

    Just completed this yesterday. (13/9/09) I am quite pleased because I finished in 1.44 with boots and pack. I did it last year but just as a runner and completed in 1.24.
    Not bad for me since I am 40 in 2 months time.
    Quite a bit bigger this year than last and well worth a go if you fancy something more than just another road run.

  3. alice grindley says:

    husband Brian Grindley did the race in 1.44 i was very proud of him he also did it with boots and pack.hes coming up the big 50

  4. Steve Lumley says:

    Completed this on sunday 13/09/09, only in me trainers though!!
    Had strained me calf and ankle in the week leading up so gave it a go and done it 1hr 43mins, me 2 mates 1hr41 & 1hr 33, so next year coming back and gonna give it a go with the boots and burgen as 46 next year and just read the previous which tells me I can do it!! Thanks and respect to all who do it for the wounded!!

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