Everest Charity Trek

Some of my posts recently have been related to an Everest/Nepal trip I'm heading on for the first 3 weeks of April, so here's a bit of context.

I'm heading up to Mt Everest Base Camp in April with my bro & dad for charity, we're funding all the trip costs ourselves so any money donated will go directly to charity.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="View from Kala Patar peak to Everest, Photo (c) 'Radson1'"]View from Kala Patar peak to Everest, Photo (c) Radson1[/caption]

We're heading to the Everest Base camp which is at 17,090 ft, including the Kalar Patar peak at 18,221 ft. I've added a few altitudes below for reference..

Everest Peak (29,029 ft)
Kilimanjaro (19,330 ft)
-> Kala Patar Peak (18,221) <-
-> Everest Base Camp (17,090 ft) <-

Mt Blanc, France (15,781 ft)
Ben Nevis, Scotland (4,409 ft)
Mt Snowdon, Wales (3,560 ft)
Scarfell Pike, England (3,209 ft)

Anyhow, any donation large or small is greatly appreciated!

Also thanks very much to all those who've already donated!

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