131 reasons why flickr shouldn’t allow images in comments: image awards

If you don't use flickr this post won't make much sense.... anyhow, I've noticed more and more images seem to be bombarded with 'awards'. These awards are copy/pasted generally into comments of photos added to certain groups. These awards are usually awesome glitter text gifs or cats being blinded with lens flare that clutter genuine/interesting comments... here's a selection:

This is why flickr shouldn't allow images in comments ..


6 Comments to “131 reasons why flickr shouldn’t allow images in comments: image awards”

  1. Matt hamm says:

    I think your being too nice about those really annoying people that stick those horrible graphics into the comments. Ban them!

  2. phil Balchin says:

    I’m totally with you on this one mate! any kind of image in the comments is totally unnecessary, and in my opinion, quite insulting to the photographer

  3. jo says:

    Luckily I’ve not actually had any, but it is pretty annoying when they’re over other images I browse.

    Although the ‘Duck award’ did make me laugh, aka the stolen-adium-logo-award!

  4. Thor Meier says:

    I fucking hate these stupid awards. You can’t see the serious comments with all these ugly graphics glittering like some sorta twilight vampires. Ban these things.

  5. nlpnt says:

    They seem to be rarer than they were in 2010. Whether they did a finer-tuned fix or people have moved on to Instagram or other sites for sharing while keeping Flickr as a store-er, I can’t say, but the annoying gifs are rarer.

    I’m glad Flickr didn’t “fix” this problem using the blunt instrument of banning all images in comments – 90% of the comment streams I personally seek out are on a few subject areas (cars, architecture and snarking on vintage stuff) and in those cases image links enhance the discussion (example: someone posts a diecast car they don’t have all the info on, someone else posts the real thing and a second commenter posts a period ad. Anyone else following the discussion need not do their own image searches,)

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