Barcelona Bike

In August, I'll be heading over the channel, to Barcelona with Pete Roome raising money for a local charity, The Jigsaw school in Dunsfold...

We'll be cycling roughly 70-120 miles per day, for 10 days.. totalling around 900miles.

We'll also be travelling with all our relevant gear & kit, hopefully prepared for any possible eventualities !

You can donate here! All money raised goes directly to the Jigsaw trust, and UK taxpayers can claim Gift Aid too, which will add more onto your donation.

You can view more about the ride on the Barcelona Bike website:

(cover photo by feuilllu)

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  1. Joel, I’d be interested to here your technology and tools summary from your experience with

  2. Joel says:

    Hi David,
    Sure, I’ll get a summary blog post together..

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