Justgiving.com API

Another update on the Justgiving.com API I've been developing

Various new features include:

  • Inclusion of information regarding recent donations (message, amount, user, date)
  • Inclusion of charity info & logo
  • JSONP feed for cross domain requests
  • JSON encapsulated error messages for ease of error handling

The API documentation has also been updated and is viewable here : http://api.jo.je/justgiving/

A couple of recent examples of the API being implemented in other sites/apps are:

Meningitis Research Foundation

MSF (@M_R_F) recently implemented the JSONP feed into their Book of Experience to show donation totals and recent messages.

[caption id="attachment_412" align="alignnone" width="428" caption="Book of Experience, Harry Mills. displaying recent messages"][/caption]


"JustTweeting is a simple application that links your JustGiving fundraising page to your Twitter account. It lets you set up automatic twitter updates with your JustGiving page address and fundraising totals. You can schedule these tweets to be sent daily, weekly or monthly."

JustTweeting uses the Justgiving API for obtaining data regarding events, currently in Beta with new features incoming!

This application was conceived over a couple of beers by Big Dave and Simon. We're part of a collective of volunteers known as the Ragabonds.

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  1. JustTweeting is a excellent example of the utility of open fundraising APIs.

    New charities never show up on my day-to-day radar. If they did early on, say, when they were born, I would pick up those with interesting names, find out who set them up and why, and look to provide them with questions, suggestions, idea and support.

    If you fancy the opportunity for a little charity midwifery, you can join the babyshower by following @newcharity on Twitter or search for #newcharity. http://davidpidsley.com/newcharity

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