Cycling and Triathlon Nutrition

After a couple of years of cycling and triathlons, and trying lots of different sporting related nutrition products, here are my thoughts.

This is primarily geared towards longer distance cycling and triathlon nutrition and my experiences.

Hammer Nutrition - Sustained energy review

Hammer Sustained Energy

Hammer Nutrition, an American brand claiming to be the original ultra endurance fuel provides one option, Hammer Sustained Energy. This product has a 7:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and is designed for longer distance (multi hour) events, I primarily use this on rides > 2hours. It's a pretty good replacement for bars or any other nutrition if you just fancy going along the liquid route.

You can prepare different viscosities of the powder providing you within potentially 8hours riding within 750ml if required. Here's a quick comparison page of the various hammer products.

Summary: Perfect for longer rides without bars or gels.

Taste: 4.5 / 5
Perceived effectiveness: 4 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5

PowerBar Energize Bar Review

PowerBar Energize bars

I'm a big fan of the PowerBar energize bars, despite them being somewhat expensive.

I primarily started using these when training for Ironman wales as their sponsor was PowerBar and during the bike stage, nutrition was PowerBars or bananas. I decided to give them a go during training, and haven't looked back. The taste isn't so bad, I'm a big fan of the caffeinated coconut (25mg of caffeine per bar) as well as the cookies and cream.

The bars are very dense, and very chewy, I suggest breaking up bars and keeping segments in a top tube bag and eating them gradually, for example a small piece every 15mins. I haven't yet found a bar that provides a similar energy boost, although these do taste very processed, and if you prefer "real" food, have a look at a Clif bars and Mule bars. Powerbars at Wiggle

Summary: Perfect for all rides longer than an hour.

Taste: 4 / 5
Perceived effectiveness: 5 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5

High5 Gels & Isotonic powder Review

High5 trial/race pack

Hi5 gels and their isotonic powders were my first introduction to sport specific nutrition after I bought lots on offer from Groupon. This has still been steadily supplying me for a while. The isotonic & energy powder offerings I find really good for hydration on warm rides. Though these claim to be for energy as well as hydration I do find the energy to be lacking, and generally need to have energy bars along with the powders.

Their Gel offerings I personally find to be somewhat lacking, particularly due to their size. Though these are obviously designed to be consumed more frequently, for long runs this isn't convenient. I suggest trying Science in Sport gels, or MyProtein Isotonic gels.

Isotonic/Energy Summary: Great for hydration, not so good for energy
Highfive powder at wiggle
Taste: 4 / 5
Perceived effectiveness: 2 / 5
Cost: 4 / 5

Gel Summary: Ok for short, under 1 hour runs.
Highfive gels at wiggle
Taste: 4 / 5
Perceived effectiveness: 3 / 5
Cost: 4 / 5

That's it for now, will post later about thoughts on SiS isotonics + Rego, MyProtein Isotonics, PowerBar Gels, Nectar fuel, mule and clif.

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