Tour de France 2014 – More Than a Workout

Tour de France 2014 Grand Départ has already been revealed and it will be in Yorkshire, one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, states that they are confident that the riders will find the country’s spectacular scenery both challenging and exhilarating. Tour de France is a yearly sporting event well known not just in the said country but all over the world. For many cycling enthusiasts, this maybe a dream that’s too far to attain. That’s not quite true. Thanks to a project by Global Adventure Guide, experienced yet non-professional riders can have a taste of how it would feel like to ride a bicycle marathon that runs through chosen European regions and a grand finalé over at Champs Elysees in Paris. Tour de France 2014 Cycling Tour will give you the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush that actual Tour de France competitors get to feel during the prestigious sporting event.

The Package Tour includes 43 nights stay in 2 to 4 star hotels, daily breakfast and dinners, support vehicles and English-speaking tour guides. The excursion aims to imitate the encounter athletes endure during the actual race but minus the pressure of competition and add the enjoyment of a holiday experience, the French lifestyle way. Without the pressure of competition, you get to enjoy the scenic routes and still be pampered during your hotel stops. While at it, you can even still be able to access your online and mobile past times, one if which for sure is part of your favorites, online gaming. To complete the French experience, go over at to enjoy brief moments of thrill if you think the lack of competitive spirit during the TDF Tour is a downside for you. Because the tour excludes personal expenses, playing online over at the poker site won’t really affect whatever your personal budget will be during the cycling trip. As an added bonus, you can even get the opportunity as a regular online player to join the ranks of those who can play live especially in another prominent sporting event in France, the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris. As complement, playing poker helps you become more mentally alert, an aspect which you should fully utilize during the ride stages themselves. With online poker during your stops, then the thrill of being challenged when on the road, you are sure to maximize your French adventure.

According to the Global Adventure Guide site, the package tour is designed for the more experienced participant wishing to push themselves and undergo new challenges. Routes will include longer climbs and more technical skills. A high level of fitness is required which means you will need to have been exercising four to five times a week during the build up to the tour. Tour de France 2014 Yorkshire Grand Départ will commence on 5 July. Go over to the Global Adventure site and book your tour now as it will be held coinciding with the actual Tour de France which will end in Champs Elysees, enough time for you to cheer on the finishers of the actual race and celebrate with France during the culmination of one of the most anticipated sporting occasions in the world.

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