Leikr, Danish Designed Sports Watch

Another great project over at Kickstarter is the Leikr sports watch. Now 100%+ funded with 801 backers providing $267k of a $250k target. This is now the third project I've backed on Kickstarted, the first being the Pebble E-Ink watch which was possibly one of the highest fundraisers, hitting over $10 million, with 68,929 backers.

Leikr Sports WatchThe Leikr firstly looks great, with a colour display (320×240) using free OpenStreetMaps, another bonus. I'm also a big fan of Garmin products, primarily the Edge series, as well as the Forerunners. One of the main downsides is the map costs of the Edge, with various map packs costing anything from £40-60+. Battery life the Leikr is 6hrs (vs the Forerunner 405 10 hours).


The Leikr also has wifi connectivity (no dongles!), I recently lost my ANT+ USB stick for my 405 so this is also a bonus. It will be interesting to see how updates to the platform allow for potential realtime social integration on the watch (a feature recently introduced in the new Garmin Edge series).

Due for release mid 2013, expect to pay around $349 RRP.

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  1. Ultimately, I’m excited about what the Leikr watch can bring to the market. It’s forward thinking in terms of underlying hardware connectivity, and it’s from a team that actually knows what they are doing when it comes to building hardware. Which means it stands of chance of being on time (again, a Kickstarter rarity). Additionally, the usage of Openmaps means solid (and free) maps for everywhere in the world, and the ability to download customized maps for those that create those is sweet.

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