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Virgin Money Giving API and Widgets

As a followup to an unofficial API I wrote for Justgiving in 2009, which has recently been replaced with an official version I’m now releasing an unofficial API for Virgin Money Giving which I have been using for a VMG powered app for a while. Virgin Money Giving widgets (unofficial) You can view you automatically Continue Reading... API

Another update on the API I’ve been developing Various new features include: Inclusion of information regarding recent donations (message, amount, user, date) Inclusion of charity info & logo JSONP feed for cross domain requests JSON encapsulated error messages for ease of error handling The API documentation has also been updated and is viewable here Continue Reading... API & Dynamic graphic widgets

I decided to write these quickly as the I found the image widgets didn’t contain relevant event information, and didn’t fancy using their flash widget… anyhow here goes. widgets (unofficial) You can view you automatically generated widget like this: <img src=”″> And replace paras10 with your page name For events without targets, Continue Reading...

PHP 4 Twitter Class

This now no longer works, due to the introduction of oAuth being a requirement for external messages sent to twitter PHP Twitter oAuth Old content below: I say class, it’s actually just 1 function for PHP 4+ to allow sending of twitter messages really simply. Based upon the PHP 5 twitter class by David Grudl Continue Reading...