What is JustCharity.org for?

JustCharity summarizes charity fundraising information in a managable way to give a quick overview to charity data, historial fundraising data and information on pages raising money for the charities.

This data hopefully provides a rough insight to how much charities raise, how much fundraising they require and their support throughout via donation sites.

Where are you getting the data?

The fundraising data is provided by various feeds from JustGiving, FirstGiving and Virgin Money Giving.

Information related to charities & non-profits are provided by open data form opencharities.org for the UK site. For the US site this data is provided by and Publication 78 available for download from irs.gov.

Data is periodically updated to provide historial data as well as to update event, page and charity details.

How accurate is it?

Due to the nature of the data aggregating from various sources the data will not be 100% accurate or realtime, although we do refresh active event pages data to keep the data as current as possible.